Tier 4Edit


The Operators’ mission is to monitor identity crime on FreeMarket and respond in one of two ways: exonerate the innocent or punish the guilty.


A semi-organized ad-hoc of detectives and investigators dedicated to solving identity theft crimes and other forms of social deviancy. FreeMarket is vulnerable to flow crime and identity theft and its up to the Operators to sort out truth from lies and see that the innocent are exonerated and the guilty are punished. Freemers hold the Operators with some degree of contempt (unless the Operators are working for them, of course), as the dicks see everyone as a potential suspect and are notorious for losing Flow due to their activities and general demeanors. Operators affect an old Earth parlance and dress sense, both to distinguish themselves from the perps and to form a social bond with other dicks.

They patrol the city sectors at night, cleaving to the low-Flow areas, the dangerous places and the emptiest streets, where they can do their work without interference. Operators are a low- key bunch but fiercely driven to bring justice, despite their fringe and somewhat scary nature.


Shaping, investigation, justice


Breaking, data, informants