Generation: 2nd

Clade: A dodgy baseliner who has been in some very odd situations. Interested in trading his odd memories for favours.

Flow: 6

Geneline: Bishonen 2


  • Shaping 2
  • Flooding/Bleeding 2
  • Social Engineering 2
  • Recycling 1


  • Challenge Relevant Interface 1


  • Challenge-Relevant Tech 1

MRCZ: Unaffiliated (Tier 0)


Long-Term Memories

  • Brutal Eugen of the Tough Squad chucked me from one end of the Hole to the other.
  • I witnessed a total party kill of the Serene Fulminators at the hands and swords of The Leopard Knights
  • A friend Ghosted me into the Shrine of Mayhem where I saw no-hold barred fighting between opt-outs